The wonder and awe I experienced as a spectator watching my first live theatre performance happened when I was about eight or so, and it made a huge impression. It was a production of Anne of Green Gables at the Huron Country Playhouse, a wonderful, intimate summer theatre in a converted barn near Grand Bend, Ontario. I remember having a hard time believing at first that those were real live people up there on stage! But they were! How could they get up in front of so many people and remember all those lines? The actors and set design captivated me and my eyes were opened to the magic and creativity of live theatre. What’s your favourite memory of an eyeopening arts experience?





  1. Great post! I was trying to think back to what my first experience was. I can’t actually remember but if I were to guess, it would likely be a Gilbert and Sullivan production in Stratford…possibly HMS Pinafore. LOVED IT! It was always exciting to see all the people flowing into the theatre and the anticipation of the show starting!


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